The type of grafts depends on the type,


What are the Procedure of the Hair Transplant?

There are two methods: one is the Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS) or second (FUE) follicular unit extraction. First, the surgeon cleans your scalp by injects a medicine that numbs the back of the head. after that, choose one method that I mentioned above. Let me explain these procedures so that you can choose what you want.

In Follicular Unit Strip Surgery, the surgeon removes 6-10 inches strip of your back head skin and sews the scalp closed, and the surrounding hair hides the area. On the next step, the team of surgeons divides the strip of removed scalp into 500 to 2000 tiny grafts. The type of grafts depends on the type, quality, color, and the size of the skin where you want hair back.


If you choose the follicular unit extraction method, then the surgeon will shave your back head’s scalp. On the next step, hair follicles will remove one by one. The area heals with small dots that already cover your head.

Well, don’t confuse the procedures because almost both are same. The main work is preparing grafts and surgeon clean and numb the area for the new growth. Holes are created with a scalpel or needle and then grafts places in each hole. the procedure takes time almost 4 to 8 hours. There could be some effects of surgery that you feel after that, so you must know about it.


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